We didn’t get to  Thomas Ranch Outfitters until it was too late to hunt last night, so this morning was our first bow hunt in Wyoming.  We decided to hunt close to Eric’s house so we could get a little extra sleep.  I had a doe inside 15 yards within 30 minutes, but it was still too dark to shoot.  I also saw a nice rack buck that had a bag caught in his antlers.  It took me completely off guard. He was obviously disturbed by it because he was running around like a crazy deer and shaking his head.  No shots in the morning.

We hunted the holy grail of Whitetail properties this afternoon, Wayne Wilson’s ranch.  It has a huge canyon and lots of alfalfa fields.  In the first afternoon we saw a tremendous amount of deer, no shooters in range, but I saw a really nice buck out in the alfalfa.  I was hunting on a little short ladder stand that was in a great place, but the deer were picking me off pretty easily.  Bill was hunting the other corner of the field in the double ladder.  No shots, but we got a nice taste of what we can expect for the rest of the week.

Dan and Randy were at Eric’s when we got back.