Since Bill K. tagged out last night, I spent the day hunting the canyon myself.  I hunted my little meadow where the big white 10 was bedded during the morning and saw several deer including a nice little 8pt that bedded within easy bow range and the big chocolate 10.  He walked by on the ridge going to his bed at about 90 yards.  He is a truly exceptional deer.  Bill Howard finally showed up around noon to help me relocate for my last afternoon.  We moved my climber to the meadow where Bill K. watched all the bucks the night before including the chocolate 10 and the big white 10.  Bill Howard and I set up together so that he could video for me.  As luck would have it, the Chocolate 10 did show up, but he stayed just out of bow range.  The closest I ranged him was 63 yards.  I am confident at that distance with my Alphamax, but not when I also have to shoot through a tree, dodging limbs.

It was an incredible week in Wyoming.  I had at least 1 rack buck in bow range on EVERY hunt.  I counted 26 total rack bucks in bow range.  We will be back next year.

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