I don’t have much exact information from this season except that it was my first season hunting and I took 1 doe for my first deer and a 7-pt later that season.

I took the 7pt on a clear cold day in January (Suday the 30th) hunting on a buddy of mine’s (Joseph Summers) place in Butler, AL. It was during the rut in Alabama and it was our last day to hunt. We went in early around 12:30 since it was our last hunt and headed to the most remote part of the property. We were hunting a road that boarded the edge of a large clearcut. Joseph went right and I went left to set up. I could not find a decent place where I could see any distance, so I walked back to tell Joseph that I was going to another area and he said just sit here and I will go over the next ridge. I agreeded, made myself a comfortable place to sit against a stump and waited. When Joseph walked down the road, he waived back at me signalling a major trail crossing the road at the bottom of the hill I was looking down and then kept going over the next hill. The trail was about 100 yards away. I dosed off for a few minutes thanks to the bright sun warming me up. Something woke me up aroung 1:45, I looked up and a doe was standing in the road. I tried to get my gun up but she hopped off the road before I could. I was a little miffed because we still had a doe tag each to fill and planned on doing so. I put my gun up on the spot just in case she was not alone and then all I saw were horns coming out of the brush into the road. I put the cross hairs on the front shoulder and squeezed. When the smoke cleared , there was no deer. I was even more mad that I might have missed the buck. I immediately got up to go look for blood. When I got down to the bottom of the hill, there was the buck laing 10 steps off the road. Man was I excited. I shot one more time just for good measure. I had not had much experience and sure did not want him to get up. Joseph had not even found a place to sit yet when I shot so he came back immediately. We had all kinds of trouble getting the deer out because we had no vehicle that could get that far into the property. We had to go to a nearby club to get help so we had to wait on them to get out of the woods, what an agonizing wait knowing my deer was just laying there. We finally got the deer out and got back to Auburn (a 3 hour drive) around 2am that night. It was a great first buck!