Hunting with Tom Upshaw, Don McCord and Judd Mcwain with Dog Tired Adventures (Randy McKillip and Dave Pohl) in McCook Nebraska.

We had a slightly more difficult time getting to Nebraska than we had planned thanks to spring snow storm that had travel into McCook all messed up. We spent the night Thursday night in Omaha instead of McCook and ended up in McCook around 2pm Friday afternoon. We still had time to scout, but the wind was blowing hard. When I say hard, I mean REALLY hard. It was blowing 30-50 mph. Tough conditions to scout for turkeys, so we decided to do some truck scouting to see what we could see. We found some birds to video and look at, but it took some work. Most of them were probably hanging in the bottoms out of the wind. The bad news is the birds we found were not on property that we could hunt, but they were fun to watch. The good news is that Randy had already figured out where the birds were and where we were hunting opening morning.