Well, I have to say that this deer season was pretty unusual.  I started the season bow hunting in Wyoming late last September and ended it in Butler, AL.  My trip to Wyoming was absolutely amazing.  The number of deer that I saw and that our group saw over 6 days was phenomenal.  We only shot 1 deer out of our group of 4, but we were being pretty picky.  I had 26 rack bucks in bow range over the course of the trip.  I had my mind made up that I was going to take 1 or 3 deer (two 10s and an 11) that we had seen and I would go home empty handed if I didn’t get one of them.  Well, the closest that I came was to the chocolate 10 at 63 yards on my last hunt, so I headed back home without filling my tag.  I knew that it would be hard to top that trip, but had no idea.  I hunted in Alabama with my bow 95% of the time and as a result didn’t shoot a deer.  I missed a great 8 point in late October, but didn’t get another shot at a deer the rest of the year.  Honestly, I didn’t even see a deer while I was hunting except one rainy evening sitting on a field in a shooting house (with my rifle) where I saw a couple of does and a spike.  Anyway, its time to put this season behind us and focus on the REAL season coming up.  I’ve already started scouting for turkeys and have several good flocks located.  They have no idea what is coming, but I do.  Stay tuned.  It is going to be a fun ride.