I get asked a lot how to store mouth calls for a long period of time.  My answer has always been speculation until this year.  Honestly, I ususally trash my mouth calls every year after turkey season because they are typically “worn out”.  However, this year as it turns out by a stroke of luck I decided to clean them up with mouth wash last year and stick them in the refrigerator in my garage.  Since my call maker is having trouble getting latex this year, I thought I was going to be in a pickle.  I decided to pull out last years calls just to see if they were ok and wouldn’t you know it, after a little breaking in, they are good to go.

So I can say with confidence that the refrigerator method works.

For those that have been asking, my favorites are

  • Hill Harper 3 reed latex with a split v cut with a couple of extra cuts to add rasp (mine and Hill’s joint design)  – all around hunting call for making all turkey sounds.  This call is in my mouth most of the season.
  • Woodhaven Doug Crabtree – for raspy contest type yelping
  • Woodhaven Sadler McGraw – for kee kees and kee kee runs and high pitched yelps and high pitched purrs.

Unfortunately Hill doesn’t have a website yet, but you can contact me (mark@tbcalls.com) for information on how to contact him.