It was a tough couple of days in Alabama to open the season this year, but I was able to get it done.  I only heard 2 gobbles in 2 days so we were mainly hunting with our eyes instead of our ears.  I was hunting in Selma, AL on a beautiful Pine Straw Plantation.  It is flat and open which makes turkey hunting pretty tough, but we finally figured it out.  After an opening day of close calls and a second morning double miss (more on that on GobblerChaser)  we found these birds hanging out around a field late morning.  We watched them leave and I knew they would be back.  We built a blind hoping to triple up since there were 4 gobblers in the bunch.  After a couple of hours of sporadic calling some soft, some loud, some aggressive, nothing was happening.  Mr. Bill asked me if knew how to Kee Kee on a mouth call and I said sure.  So I  let out a few Kee Kee runs and I looked up and a gobbler was running right out of the woods right at me.  Neither Mr. Bill nor Ken had their gun up, plus we had a deal that if  a single bird came it, it was mine since I had to leave and they were staying all week.  Anyway, I asked if they could see any other birds and we couldn’t, so when the bird got to 20 yards, it was go time or he was going to get in our lap.  I let him have the full load of Winchester Supreme #5s from my Benelli M1 and the season was officially under way!

Getting it Done in AL!

Unfortunately, when I shot, the rest of the flock flew, they were in the edge of the woods where we couldn’t see them, so we may have had a chance at a triple, but we were excited to get a bird after the tough two days.

The combination of  a TBCalls Purrfection slate, Hill Harper “Mark Thomas Signature” 3 Reed Split V xtra Raspy and BMobile were more than this old gobbler could take.  If you guys want to know how to get in touch with Hill, let me know and I will hook you up. It’s worth the effort!

I have never used a Kee Kee run much in the spring, but I may have to start.  It seems that it was enough to break this bird away from the flock and bring him on in.