Well, scored on opening day in TN this past Saturday. All the stats in the attachment. Bill bought a farm right next door and we were able to have great luck on it Saturday. I called in 3 gobblers and 15 hens to my Carrylite Decoys (Jake Fan) with the Thomas Brothers Purrfection Slate Call. The 3 gobblers were looking for a fight and keep circling the decoys. I finally cut really lud and got one to pop up his head and Bill got him. Bill’s first bird in about 15 years. I called in 3 jakes a few minutes later, one with a 6 inch beard and decided to pass them up.

Heard some gobbling in a field a few hundred yards away and decided to do a stalk. Walked down this creek and saw a coyote out in the middle of the field. A few yelps from my HS Strut Raspy Hen mouth call brought her running to me. I shot her at 15 yards. Went back to the blind and decided to do some more calling with the Purrfection Slate and my mouth call. 2 gobblers came in hot and heavy and I was able to tag one at about 40 yards. My first double beard.

All of this happened between 6:00 and 10:00!

Let me tell you I am loving the slate call. Definitely the best slate call I have ever used. The purr sounds are the best I have ever been able to make with a call. I absolutely love the ability to call both soft and loud with it. The TN birds definitely love it!

Took some pics with the call if you need any references from TN.

Hope things are going well with you. Look me up if you are in the area the next couple of weeks.



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