Bobby and @GobblerChaser

I am hunting in Selma this weekend with my long time friends Mac Wilkinson from Tampa, FL and his son Bobby who is within days of graduating from Harding University.  First, the background; I have invited Mac and Bobby a couple of weekends over the years to deer hunt with me and we have had very little success.  I think our total for several days in the field is a couple of does.  So, needless to say, I was feeling the pressure to put them on some turkeys.  Neither Mac nor Bobby have ever turkey hunted before.  Then this week, we realize that the forecast for Saturday is Tornados, rain, hail…ridiculous!  I told them to come on, we would figure out a way to get it done.  I planned to hunt an area that I scouted a couple of weeks ago and new that there were some hens nesting near and I had seen a nice long beard strutting.  We setup my double bull Friday afternoon in anticipation of rain on Saturday and settled in for the afternoon.  About an hour before dark, the big bird decided to show.  I got some great video of him gobbling and pacing back and forth as he was working towards us.  When he got to about 75 yeards, it started thundering and lightning and he decided it was time to roost, so off he went.  We were left wondering what could have been, but at least we had some action.  We made an adjustment and moved the blind a little closer to his strut zone and slipped out.  We watched the weather channel and found out that we might have a window of opportunity before the bad weather rolled in around 9 am.  It was very cloudy and the wind was starting to blow, but we stayed with it.  Unfortunately, we didn’t hear any gobbling.  After daylight, I did my best fly down cackle and some lost yelping walking around the blind, then climbed in the blind.The good thing about turkey hunting with old friends in a blind is the ability to talk.  We had a ball telling stories and trying to cover our mouths to laugh quietly. Finally about 7 am, I looked up and saw him strutting in the pines towards us.

Bobby and his Dad kneeling

Bobby and Mac thought I was joking when I said get ready, but there he was.  He fed around for a while taking his time to get to us cause he was with a single hen.  The hen broke and walked across the road and I knew it was only a mater of time.  I tried to get him to gobble, but with the weather bearing down, the turkeys were thinking about feeding more than anything.  I decided to play their game and just gave him some clucks and purrs on my Harper Signature Series Mark Thomas special.  It worked.  He finally decided he had had enough of BMobile strutting in his strut zone and he came in on a string.  For some reason, he got a little spooky at about 45 – 50 yds out, but it was too late.  He stuck his head up and Bobby let him have a load of #6s with my Benelli M1!  And another turkey addict is born.  Congratulations on a great bird and a great college career!  Unfortunately, we didn’t get any video today because I didn’t want to carry the camera because of the threat of rain.  But I will post the video we got of the bird yesterday.