Hunting with 2 Kids, 2 Stoogies and Killing 2 Birds!

The day before opening day, I spent some time scouting in the morning and located 4 gobbling turkeys, so I felt pretty good about our chances of working a gobbling turkey the next day.  That afternoon, Mark and my nephew Stephen rolled in (late as usual) but in plenty of time to do some target practice.  I highly recommend giving a new youth hunter as much trigger time as they want before the actual hunt.  Another trick that I have learned is to let them shoot nothing but light bird shot loads until the moment of truth.  That way they don’t feel the kick from the turkey load until they are actually shooting at a gobbler which greatly reduces the potential for flinching.  Anyway, we took several shots in different positions and felt like we were ready to roll. On the way back to the house, I pulled into a little spot to check some birds and there they were 11 hens feeing all alone.  I caught a glimpse of a bird heading off by itself and figured that was the gobbler and I knew where he was going.  Bingo, perfect scenario, hens going to roost one way and the gobbler headed another.  I knew where we would be in the morning….