If you haven’t read Part 1 of this hunt, check it out here.  We started the day setup on the birds that I had seen go to roost the night before.  Everything was perfect except the gobbler didn’t talk or even show him self.  I don’t know if we busted him going in or if the lone bird I saw the day before wasn’t really a gobbler.  Either way, all we had were a bunch of hens around us. Let me point out, that it is a total miracle that we had any turkeys around us considering Stephen’s Dad “Big Dog” Mark Talley, brought everything with him including the kitchen sink.  At one point in the morning I am whispering to Stephen to be still and quiet and Mark is drinking coffee from a thermos sitting in a turkey lounge chair.  Really?  This is what I get to deal with?  Stephen quickly grew bored with no gobblers around, so we packed up and headed to the lease.

Steve had been over there listening and had heard a couple birds gobbling around field 9. I had set up a blind there the day before, so that is where we went.  I put Mark in the shooting house with the video camera and Stephen and I got in the blind.  We were settled in around 730 and 10 minutes later, I heard a bird gobble straight  in front of me. Unfortunately, he wasn’t interested in us and we didn’t get anything else going.

At about 9 am Mark decided to play a little joke on Stephen and me.  He downloaded a turkey call app for is iPhone and held it out the window of the shooting house where I couldn’t see it.  For 15 minutes, I carried on a turkey conversation with an iPhone.  Mark finally told me when he was laughing so bad the shooting house was shaking.  He got me on that one.  All I had to say was be ready, pay back is coming.  When Stephen decided he had had enough, we packed up and headed for the house…

Be sure to check out Part 3 – The Conclusion tomorrow!  More craziness and we actually find a way to get a couple gobblers in range.