It is almost here.  After enduring tremendous heat this summer, I can finally see the goal line.  We will be leaving for Hulett, WY late afternoon on Labor Day for our annual Whiteltail/Mule Deer archery hunt.  The past couple of months, I have been focused on getting my bow shooting well and ready to go.  It is difficult to do during the summer between the heat and plenty of other summer distractions, but it is absolutely essential and the only ethical thing to do.  When you get in the stand with a bow, you have to be confident that you can execute.  Here is my routine.  I hope it provides you some suggestions.


My daily routine starts with taking my son to school then coming home and shooting groups in between morning chores.  I try to get all my shooting done before 9 am so I can get my work day started then.  That is also when my house no longer provides shade on my “range”.  All of my “rounds” consist of four arrows.  I have found that to be the right number for me to get the practice in that I need yet not get too tired to lose my form.  My goal each day is to shoot between 10 and 20 rounds.  My first two rounds are warm up rounds and I usually shoot them at around 20 yards.  Next I immediately move out to the longest distance that I am going to shoot that day.  It is essential to have your best form when shooting long distance, so I want my muscles to be fresh.  I shoot a couple of rounds at the max distance and then I start randomly picking distances.  I pretty much have all the spots memorized on my home “range” but I still go through the process of ranging, picking my pin, picking my spot and making a good shot.  I want the whole process to be second nature for when the opportunity comes in the woods.


I shot this group at 50 yds this morning. Don’t worry, there are no houses directly behind my targets.  The angle I took the picture makes it look like there are houses back there.  I have fences and woods behind the target.

Not a bad group for 50 yds.